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Brightstone Legal

Our Story

Brightstone Legal was founded with a business vision that the firm should be more than a law firm and its solicitors are more than employees.

Brightstone Legal was established in Sydney, Australia with the goal of providing practical legal solutions to our clients. The firm now boasts an ever-growing team with expanded areas of practice and now we will be able to support our clients by offering a full range of legal service.

In 2017, we opened our first offshore office at Chengdu, China where we can better serve our PRC clients. In June 2018, we expanded our office by moving to St Martins Tower at 31 Market Street Sydney for an even better working environment and customer services.

Our Philosophy

Services tailored to best accommodate clients’ needs

No two clients are the same and it is vital to understand the client’s business outlook and requirements to ensure advice and services that are best tailored to suit their needs.

We build long-term relationships with our clients

We believe that the key to success is building relationships that go beyond single engagements and providing value to our clients on a consistent, ongoing basis. We believe that trust can be built upon long term service and cooperation.

A law firm valued by its professionals and support staff

We understand the value of our solicitors and support staff and advocate a healthy and exciting working environment that will eventually benefit our clients. Therefore, only the most qualified and experienced solicitors and their team will be invited to join our firm and we always highly appreciate the values they brought to the firm.

Xiuhui Chow
“Balancing your rights to provide a pragmatic, commercially-geared solution - we stand atuned with your commercial goals to achieve your desired outcome”


Practice areas: Commercial Law and Corporate Advisory , Financial Services

Shuonan Zhao
“Every legal problem is unique. We provide tailored solutions to your problems to achieve your intended and ideal outcome.”


Practice areas: Dispute Resolution and Litigation , Immigration

Yinlu Sun
“To do a great and professional job, because it will fill a majority part of your life.”


Practice areas: Real Estate , Commercial Law and Corporate Advisory

Ken Yee
“We prize results above all else”

Head of China Office

Practice areas: Immigration , Commercial Law and Corporate Advisory

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