Blended families (where one or both parties to a marriage have children from another relationship) are common in this day and age.

The tales of evil step mothers or cruel step fathers remain that, mere fiction and its common to see step parents care for their step children as if they were their own.

However, a common fear among step parents is that: even if they love their step children, they do not have any rights over them, and their capacity to have a relationship with them is limited to the duration they remain in a relationship with the biological parent.

This is not the case, and you are able to get rights to a child that is not biologically yours.

Especially where as a step parent you have played a substantial role in the child’s upbringing. Both biological parents can even consent to the giving of parental responsibility to a step parent.

Being a parent is more than just a blood tie and wanting to play a bigger role in a child’s life need not be a taboo subject. Speak to a lawyer about your rights as a step parent.